Decrypt Rails 4 Session

Decrypting session strings wasn’t a big deal in previous versions of Rails, so I thought it should be pretty straightforward in Rails 4 as well. It took me a little while to figure out the magic Rails 4 does in order to encrypt cookies. As you may have noticed, secret_token configuration option has been replaced by secret_key_base. It seems the change is no accident, because the key is not used as a secret for encoding session data. The new encryption key is generated by running 1000 iterations of PBKDF2 function on secret_key_base with a salt. Because ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor takes two arguments for encrypting and for verifying signature, two keys are generated using two different salts:

  • encrypted_cookie_salt, default value: "encrypted cookie"
  • encrypted_signed_cookie_salt, default value: "signed encrypted cookie"

Using these strings you can create a new instance of ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor. Don’t forget to CGI.unescape your cookie before decrypting.

message = CGI.unescape("VXVHWGQra3JpclBiSkpZWW8yMTRzWUVQL0tYajNXMXUyZzFNcFlNcjVVdloxMnhWOFRvdGdPcXhJV256ZEx3MzFkbWhWbG1SSmMzK0NqNHZnS1BPKytTWVRHRFhjN1hWOHlmc3VnNk5rOXRQNzdobnFlOFhPT25NSTVlT3d2QkZiQktvRU5jMWlNdUZKWjFNL0lBbE9WSEVkcXFoMnUzNGtBa0kzRHJMWFd6VEIreHVjVlhSMThxZEQ2VmdKRmtrWXFKQlI4d1k3QU9EbnViVXR2ZWZxZz09LS00bUd0K0g3UTM0RkY1THkrZUt6Slh3PT0%3D--d9847b41c72ceed939cb58acb6cb989d58602d6e")

config = Rails.application.config

key_generator =
  config.secret_key_base, iterations: 1000

secret = key_generator.generate_key(

sign_secret = key_generator.generate_key(

encryptor =
  secret, sign_secret



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